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November 1, 2007

How much will AOV outsourcing service cost?

The services offered by AOV outsourcing service are very affordable. You can hire a full time agent to work for you, for as low as $625. You also get the assurance that the agent you hire from AOV outsourcing service is working in an office set up where they work with fellow agents also hired by their respective clients.


AOV outsourcing service provides them with high end desktop computers and a reliable DSL internet connection to be used as they perform the tasks required by the clients. This assures the client that there will be no delays with the tasks assigned to their agents from AOV outsourcing service.

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October 14, 2007

AOV outsourcing service writers provide good content for your website

AOV outsourcing service helps provide good content to your website with their agents who work as writers. An important thing for your website to gain a good page rank is a unique content. An article with a unique content means an article that is related to the services or products offered by your site that is 100% original. It must not be a copy-paste of any article found over the internet. Original articles means you cannot also copy the content of another site which you yourself own. Even if you own that site, copying it’s content or a part of it is still considered plagiarism. If you do not want to violate the rule of plagiarism, just try to rewrite your own article.

The writers that you can hire from AOV outsourcing service here in the Philippines can write articles that you can place as a content for your website if you do not have the time to write them yourself. These writers from AOV outsourcing service can write search engine optimized articles which targets the keywords being searched thru the search engines of google, yahoo or msn by internet users. If your websites content is highly optimized for keywords, then it has a greater chance top of the search results.

Website owners are not contented with only one article to use on their website. They will need numerous articles that targets all the keywords related to their website. AOV outsourcing service can provide them with web researchers/ web content writers who will work for them 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This way they will never run out of articles to place in their websites, or post in blogs that will link back to their websites.

Writers from AOV outsourcing service have good command in English so you are guaranteed that your articles are written with proper grammar. Everybody wants to be on top of the race when it comes to online business, and the best way to cope up with your competitors is to try Outsourcing to the Philippines with AOV and you will never go wrong.

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September 25, 2007

outsource to the philippines with aov

Outsource to the Philippines with aov, is the best move for your online business. Whether you’ll need a web programmer, web developer, graphic artist, web content writer, virtual assitant, link builder, or online marketer AOV will provide you with the best agent to suit your business requirements.

The outsourcing business in the Philippines is not only limited call centers and medical transcriptions. Outsource to the Philippines with aov and they will prove to you that the Philippines has got the talents to compete globally with IT industry.

Outsource to the Philippines with aov and you can expect your online business to be booming in such a short span of time. A few people are aware that there are lots of business opportunities online and this is the secret of those who have tried to outsource to the Philippines with aov. They are earning big time with the help of the agents they have hired from aov.

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September 24, 2007

aov philippines outsourcing providing solutions for your online business

Aov Philippines outsourcing is a classic example that Filipinos are globally competitive. The services that aov agents provide its clients is something that we can be proud of. The company aims towards client satisfaction by providing talented agents that suits the need of their clients business.

Aov Philippines outsourcing can provide you with agents skilled in different fields:

LINK BUILDERS – They are responsible for doing manual and automatic directory and article submission, forum signature linking, reciprocal linking, blog commenting and online bookmarking. Link building is an essential part for building a good page rank for your online business. So instead of doing it yourself, hire a link builder and let them do the job for you.

WRITERS –They are skilled in writing articles in excellent English. They can provide you with articles that are keyword optimized for search engine optimization. Aside from articles, they write press releases, reviews, blog writing, and letters.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT –They are online secretaries that can assist you in all your needs just like what an office secretary can do. They can do research, travel plans, answer emails, answer client calls, organize travel, transcribe and provide customer support.

SITE ADMIN -They are the ones who maintain your website. They can moderate forums, test websites, do site architecture, manage content and install software, manage server with plesk and cpanel, create blogs and forums, create an auto responder and do website tracking statics.

GRAPHIC ARTIST -They are skilled at photoshop, corel, and flash animation. They are also skilled in designing banners, logos, webpage headers, and enhancing photos.

WEBMASTER – They do css, html cms, ftp and basically anything you would need for your domain. They can create your website and maintain it. They are also capable of designing websites, domain registration and management.

WEB DEVELOPERS – They do php, MySQL, html,javascripting,css, ftp, etc. They are responsible for creating your website, structuring the website, manage your projects and do the overall maintenance of your website.

With aov Philippines outsourcing, your online business will never go wrong. With the quality agents you get for an affordable price, its something that you would consider for a good investment.

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September 20, 2007

AOV Outsourcing Service Now in Davao


Agents of Value (AOV), an outsourcing service company, opened its Davao branch early this year with the hope of providing Davawenyos lots of job opportunities, especially those in the IT industry, and at the same time finding quality agents who can serve their growing number of satisfied foreign clients.

Agents of Value (AOV) started venturing into outsourcing service a few years ago when Mr. Danny Sullivan and his fellow stockholders in Eversun Software Philippines Corporation found a great demand for outsourcing service. Hence they came up with Agents of Value (AOV) to serve online businesses from around the world with their various needs. So why is it called agents of value? Because the employees of eversun who work for the clients are called agents and they offer top quality service.

With the online business trend booming, everybody wants to make a website that is not only worth looking at but also gaining a reputable page rank. Online businesses are so conscious about search engine optimization (seo) to make their webpages popular on the net. So this is where the agents at aov come in and offer their services. They have programmers, web developers, web designers, graphic artists, virtual assistants, link builders, site admin, online marketer, and writers that can serve you with anything that you would need for your online business to be at par with the others.

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